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Partnership program
Without your help it will be very difficult for these projects to exist and develop in the future. So, we appeal to you to join and to support the partnership program of charitable donations. This is the best way to support projects, especially those that you or your friends are involved in and which you believe in.

We invite you to join and commit to donate a monthly fixed amount to cover these three major projects of SHELTER+: "Compass", "Penuel" and "Better Together". This will give us the opportunity to have certain guarantees and plan the next months of work and further development. You can choose for yourself one of the areas of activity of SHELTER+, for which you would like to donate or to support SHELTER+ in general.

You can donate from Canada and USA
We ask you to make a commitment to make regular donations for at least six months. The partnership program is a completely voluntary affair, so you can review your decision later or cancel your partnership program or continue it and revise the charity donation if necessary for the next six months. Any decision you have made will not affect our relations with you and cooperation in the future.

If you agree, please fill out this short form.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Yours faithfully, the team of Cultural-community center SHELTER+