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(Кривий Ріг, Україна)
Cultural Community Center SHELTER+ (Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine)
Is a unique example of a non-profit institution in a provincial city, which since 2002 has combined numerous long-term and one-time projects in the field of art, sports and civic education. SHELTER+ works with different age groups, but focuses on the younger generation, helping children, teens and young people grow up as whole personalities who live a conscious life and are guided by Christian principles.

Today, CCC SHELTER+ is a solid team of bright personalities – musicians, athletes, journalists, photographers, teachers and just active and enthusiastic people. The team has on its account hundreds of vivid events, international projects, concerts, camps, mountain hikes, trainings, and different classes on development for children and youth. The team pays special attention to those who face challenges to survive and develop in our society – from orphans to people with disabilities.

SHELTER+ has its own building, which contains a concert hall, recording studio, fitness gym, ceramics workshop, rooms for seminars, music rehearsal room and other rooms that give us an opportunity to realize our initiatives that can be useful for the community.

The name of our organization contains the word culture. We have this not only because we regularly arrange events connected with music, theatre, photography and other kinds of activities that are traditionally considered to be cultural, but also because we acknowledge this word in its original meaning "upbringing, cultivating". We try to influence our audience with the best examples of behavior, creativity and people's relations, challenging everyone not to live a trivial life, but long for beauty and harmony, to look for the new and the real.

Our title also speaks about the community which we try develop and unite. We firmly believe that our community should be able to solve its own problems not wait for somebody to come and do everything for us. We understand though that it is not a fast process, and to make it a reality we must continue to promote the ideas of volunteering, serving others, and having a caring attitude to one's neighborhood, town and country.